Calibration Services

As a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory in the UK, our team delivers a comprehensive range of services from our specialist UKAS calibration laboratory in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Whether you need calibration of force measuring devices by tension or compression, we have the technology and expertise to deliver the right service.

At our specialist force calibration laboratory, we offer calibration services for all types of force measuring devices with analogue and digital indicators. Each device is checked and verified, then calibrated according to ISO standards to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

Each calibration is traceable to national standards, and we provide a force calibration certificate on successful completion of the process.

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Calibration of Force Measuring Devices in Tension 

0.2 N to 260 N

0.2 kN to 500 kN

Calibration of Force Measuring Devices in Compression

0.2 N to 260 N

0.2 kN to 500 kN

0.2 kN to 3 MN

Calibration of Force Measuring Devices used in Soil Testing 

0.2 kN to 500 kN to BS 1377:Part 1:2016

Who we work with?

We work with a range of sectors including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, military and defence, aerospace and nuclear to calibrate force measuring devices.