Bluetooth CBR Loadcell

Bluetooth CBR Loadcell

We listen to our customers’ needs at Central Calibration Services.

Over the last 12 months we have repaired several loadcell cables, connectors, and display units, all damaged whilst in use in CBR testing – California Bearing Ratio test is a penetration test that evaluates the load bearing capacity of subgrade soils, used in road building and on construction sites across the UK.

Our solution is a 250kN Bluetooth Loadcell, mounted on a robust steel plate with a convenient carry handle, battery life up to 3 months, IP67 sealing and an easy to use Android or iOS App for tablet or phone use. Supplied with a UKAS ISO 17025 calibration certificate, the calibration is held in the transmitter, so it can be read by any number of different devices.

We can also offer various load button designs and different loadcell capacities from 10kN to 300kN.

If you need an ISO 7025 UKAS force calibration in the range from 0.2N to 3MN then give us a call or email –

View the CCS 250kN Bluetooth Loadcell in more detail here.

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